Professional Science Master in Computer & Systems Security

Focus on the physical technology of security with practical, hands-on application to advance careers

Professional Science Master in Computer & Systems Security

In this program your focus will be on the technology layer within the cyber-physical security paradigm, and on the tools and methodologies needed to ensure trustworthiness and asset protection of hardware and network systems.  The P.S.M. in Computer and Systems Security is a graduate level degree designed by top industry professionals for industry needs and work-place readiness with the ability to customize the learning track for desired outcome. Offered within Temple's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ranked 98 in the nation, you will gain the most recent and relevent knowledge in this area. 

The experience-oriented approach to learning offers a solid foundation in technical knowledge and professional skills, exposure to a hardware-lab with network equipment and preparation for industry recognized certificates. An optional applied learning or workplace component provides insights only gained from hands-on experience. Graduates will have the tools to take their careers in cyber-physical security to a higher level.


This evening program requires 30 semester hours and can be completed in 18-months. Courses are taught by faculty and industry experts.

Required Core Courses (18 semester hours)

  • ECE5516  Introduction to Computer Networks & Its Security (3)
  • ECE5526  Engineering Principles of Computer Instrusion & Detection, Intelligence & Counterintelligence (3)
  • ECE5528  Cryptography (3)
  • ECE5538  Hardware & Industrial Control System Security (3)
  • ECE5548  Secure Computer Memory Architecture & Intrusion Prevention Methodologies (3)
  • CISxxxx  Ethics, Law, Governance & Regulatory Compliance of Hardware Systems (3)

Elective Courses (12 semester hours)

The program may be tailored to the student’s career path with courses in the areas of:

  • hardware component and device design-for-security
  • embedded security safeguards
  • engineered resilient systems
  • reverse engineering for counterintelligence
  • quality and risk management of hardware security projects
  • Certificate Preparation — (ISC) and Cisco Networking Academy®

For more information about curriculum and course requirements review the PSM in Computer & Systems Security Bulletin

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