M.S. Civil Engineering

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M.S. Civil Engineering

M.S. Civil Engineering Curriculum

A course outline for our M.S. Civil Engineering degree program.

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You will be motivated to grow intellectually through the continued search for, and use of knowledge. This program will provide a catalyst for you to become active, articulate, and socially aware individuals that are key contributors to the civil engineering profession.

You may complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis. Degree requirements can be fulfilled by either completing the research (master’s thesis or research project) or non-research (coursework-only) option. Alternatively, you may complete a 3 semester hour research project carried out in conjunction with an industrial partner, or a project of interest to a faculty mentor. A coursework-only option may be pursued with the permission of the department graduate coordinator.

Research Areas

  • Construction Management
  • Scour Countermeasures for Bridges
  • Instrumentation and Sensor Technology
  • Transportation Engineering

Required Courses

All M.S.C.E. students must complete at least one of the courses list below:

  • CE 5201 Transportation Systems Management
  • CE 5302 Engineering Project Management
  • CE 5321 Geotechnical Engineering
  • CE 5432 Structural Mechanics

AND one of the following math courses listed below:

  • CE 5058 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  • CE 5703 Mathematical Modeling
  • ENGR 5011 Engineering Mathematics I

Degree Requirements

For graduation, a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework is required; a minimum of 18 graduate-level semester hours (approximately 6 courses) must be in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. After completing first 9 graduate semester hours, or by the end of the first semester, you will need to select a graduate advisor from the full-time department faculty. Together, you will develop a plan of study that is tailored to your interests.

If you are pursuing the thesis option you must complete 24 semester hours of graduate-level coursework and complete 6 semester hours of thesis. The project option requires 27 semester hours of graduate-level coursework and 3 semester hours of a research project. Non-research option of study requires completion of 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework.

For more information about curriculum and course requirements review the Civil Engineering M.S. Bulletin

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