Dr. McGinley’s talk will discuss how the strong foundation and lessons he learned in engineering at Temple University have translated into a diverse and successful career. He will highlight how his engineering background has served him well in all aspects of his professional life. Whether it is in his treatment of patients or the company boardroom, what he learned at Temple University is both relevant and useful on a daily basis. 

Dr. Joseph C. McGinley is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist practicing in Casper, Wyoming. He has extensive training in musculoskeletal radiology and sports medicine with a special emphasis in non-surgical treatment of sports injuries. As a radiologist, he has first-hand knowledge of treatments and developed novel solutions, including several patents for devices and medical procedures. He has published in major journals in musculoskeletal imaging, cardiology and orthopaedic medicine and presented at over 60 conferences.

Dr. McGinley holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physiology from Temple University. After finishing medical school at Temple University, Dr. McGinley completed both his residency and fellowship at Stanford University. Dr. McGinley held an adjunct clinical instructor appointment at Stanford University for several years and is currently a clinical instructor at the University of Washington. He has taught courses in physiology, mechanical engineering, engineering economic analysis and computer-aided design. He is pleased to now offer courses on his own procedures and treatments through his medical education company, McGinley Education Innovations, LLC. 

Dr. McGinley is also the Founder and CEO of McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations, LLC, a design and manufacturing company with the IntelliSense Drill Technology® on the market. This company designs, develops, markets and sells orthopedic medical devices. His is also the President and CEO of McGinley Manufacturing.