Thanks for your interest in recruiting from the Temple College of Engineering! We are always looking for ways to help you engage with our research and recruiting goals. Please reach out to discuss our engineering programs, our students and ways in which we can help your organization grow, including ways to provide industry experience to our students.

Contact Michael Madera, associate director of industrial relations, for more information.

Jobs and Internships

We are happy to promote, at no cost, any job, internship or co-op opportunities. Forward the details of your position and we can discuss the best way for you to reach the best students for you.

Co-op Employment

Gain capable full-time, semester-long employees when you hire a student co-op. Learn more about becoming a co-op employer.

Career Fairs

The College of Engineering is proud two host Engineering Career Fairs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. These events are focused only on engineering students or alumni, are a great way to not only interact with students but also to brand your organization. Generally, registration costs are $250 and not-forprofit employers are eligible to register at a discounted rate of $100. Please let us know if you like to be included on future invites for our fairs.

Information Sessions

The college is always interested in having your organization come to the college to speak to students. We also encourage student group leaders on campus to work in partnership with organizations to help coordinate and recruit students to attend. Please provide dates about a month before your desired dates to allow time for planning and marketing. 

On-Campus Interviews

Get right to the students you want to hire. Arrange a date by contacting Michael Madera to discuss the details.

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