Temple University's Bioengineering Department offers students access to the merging worlds of engineering and biological sciences.


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Bioengineers graduating from our program will be individuals with a solid foundation in not only engineering but also physical and life sciences. Students and researchers going through our department will acquire a strong sense about translational biomedical research as well. Our students and trainees will be exposed to both basic and applied knowledge from diverse areas of engineering and sciences, such as thermodynamics, biomechanics, bioinformatics, bioimaging, bioprocessing, fluid mechanics, polymer chemistry, biomaterials, and cellular, molecular and regenerative engineering.

This knowledge will enable our graduates to join and lead interdisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and clinicians to solve fundamental problems in the world around us. These problems include the design of innovative smart biomaterials, tissue constructs, medical devices and diagnostic technologies,and other areas that improve the quality of global health care and the standard of living throughout the world. Temple's Bioengineering Department has a strong focus in understanding human biology and associated diseases and injuries to ultimately invent engineering solutions to improve our status quo.

Please refer to our undergraduate and graduate program websites (accessible in the left column and below) for detailed curricula related information. Temple BioE's state-of-the-art faculty research information is available through individual faculty profiles. Please visit our 'Faculty & Staff' website for more details. For additional questions, please e-mail Temple BioE Chair Prof. Peter Lelkes at or any other faculty member.

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