Civil & Environmental Engineering

Temple Engineering's Civil & Environmental Engineering Department offers knowledge to build and design within the natural world around them.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Have you ever pondered the infrastructure that makes modern life attractive, convenient, and comfortable? If so, you have thought about what civil engineers do. From designing spacious and comfortable buildings to designing roads that allow you to drive to virtually any region in the continent. From strengthening our bridges  to ensuring that there is plenty of clean water available for any domestic use we desire, civil engineers build society.

The building is designed by a civil engineer by conveying an array of structural elements that support the architectural spatial distribution.

The highway is designed by a civil engineer by creating a plane that adequately supports the weight and stresses of the vehicles in motion and of the centrifugal forces at the curves.

The water resources system is designed by a civil engineer that arranges for the water intake at an appropriate source, a water conveyance set that transports the water to a water treatment plant, and a water distribution network that delivers the sanitized water to the urban user.

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