A Fresh New Year

Welcome to a fresh new year at the College of Engineering! 

For our returning students – we are so happy to have your familiar faces return to us. And to our newest students, welcome to Temple and to our engineering family! It is exciting to be a part of the profession that is at the forefront of the world’s most amazing advances and the key to solving some of our planet’s biggest challenges.

We all know that the work is rigorous. However, your skills and potential are boundless. Temple Engineering students are historically among the top students in the University, and we are sure you will continue to make us proud this year.

The College is always striving to provide you with outstanding educational experience. Our facilities are being continuously renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In the coming year we also look forward to student collaboration for the next phase of improvements aimed at expanding experiential learning, research and teaching spaces. For new students, a new type of course is being rolled out aimed at introducing technically advanced methods of problem solving in an innovative format. Watch the College news for more information about it in the coming weeks. 

Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the College and the University — from the professional societies to the student groups. These fellow students provide camaraderie and support that will help you throughout your time here and beyond. Our best students are our most engaged students.

We look forward to seeing you grow into the next generation of engineers! Let’s make this academic year a productive and rewarding one.

All the best,

Keya Sadeghipour
Dean of the College of Engineering