Alumni Association Board

 Dear Fellow Alumni, 

 As yournew College of Engineering Alumni Association  president, I look forward to serving you and the college. I also  want to thank my predecessor, John Caperilla, ENG ’03, who did a  fine job the past two years increasing alumni involvement. 

 After serving under John as the association’s vice president, one of the reasons I agreed to assume the presidency is my dedication to supporting the deservedly growing reputations of both Temple University and the College of Engineering.

 Each day seems to bring more evidence of the growing impact that Temple engineers are having in the City of Philadelphia, the Greater Delaware Valley and indeed the entire world. 

Obviously, one of the purposes of an alumni association is to increase the number of alumni who are active with the college and the university. But why should you contribute your time, money and efforts to your Alumni Association? Clearly, your involvement would directly help the university and the College of Engineering. Increasing scholarship funds, mentoring and other efforts to help the next generation of engineers is a critical component of what we are dedicated to achieving. 

But your help and its benefits to others are not the only dividend that results from your involvement. I have learned that becoming more connected with our college also results in significant benefits to our members individually. Networking with other College of Engineering alumni and taking advantage of professional development opportunities that the college offers are two prime examples of how your involvement returns dividends directly to you. 

We can never know where the next career opportunity might come from. But we do know that we all invested in our college educations. Socializing with your former classmates and other College of Engineering graduates, staff and students at this fall’s homecoming or attending the happy hour we also are planning for the fall builds your network of contacts and could ultimately lead to new businessfor your organization or a new career opportunity for you. 

My involvement in the Alumni Association has permitted me to meet many interesting people with whom I share a common bond: Temple University’s College of Engineering. By giving back to the college and Temple you too can join the conversation and expand your network. You already made the initial investment by attending Temple. Why not seek to capitalize on that investment and enjoy the dividends the Alumni Association offers? 

To check out an updated list of college events, please go to 

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you. 

Frank G. Murphy, ENG ’85, LAW ’92

College of Engineering Alumni Association Board

Listed below are the officers of the College of Engineering Alumni Association. The College is grateful to these individuals, and all alumni volunteers, for their time and dedication.

  • Frank G. Murphy, ENG ’85, LAW ’92:  President
  • Glenn Dickerson, ENG ’11:  Vice-President
  • Youness Sharifi, ENG ‘11: Treasurer
  • Dereck Baker, ENG '91:  Secretary 
  • John Caperilla, ENG ’03:  Past-President