The Temple College of Engineering's Engineering Program gives students an integral foundation while providing flexible academic paths.

The College of Engineering at Temple University has initiated the General Engineering program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) which integrates the tenets of Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and cross-disciplinary studies in the natural and applied sciences to provide a professional career in this burgeoning area. 

The BSE program provides a foundation in the basic sciences and mathematics and augments that with focused plans of study that include electromagnetics, electronics, digital processing, mechanics, embedded programming, economics and management. Professional employment includes the analysis, design and development systems for diverse industries and applications. The BSE degree can also serve as a basis for possible further study in business, law, medicine or an engineering discipline leading to professional licensure

The BSE program includes requisite and approved technical electives, which provides flexibility in the course of study as preparation for your professional employment and graduate study. The BSE program can utilize the Engineering Co-Op and Internship opportunities to enhance your undergraduate education. For further information contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the College or the BSE-HSE program Director (Dr. Dennis Silage,

For further information regarding Curriculum and Course requirements please review the following:

Explore Engineering

Engineering Fundamentals

Discover a broad program for that allows for career flexibility

Electromechanical Engineering

Explore design for a global society in this flexible program

Electro-optical Engineering

Step-up to the needs of the day in this cutting-edge program

Energy & Power Engineering

A stimulating and effective program for the new century

Hardware & Software Engineering

Explore embedded systems and data communication in this new program