Certificate in Stormwater Management

Temple Engineering's Stormwater Management certificate helps working professionals strengthen their knowledge base.

Certificate in Stormwater Management

Program description which outlines the Certificate in Stormwater Management program

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Stormwater management has become a significant issue in recent years. Fundamentally, stormwater management is a both a hydrologic and ecologic problem. The certificate program in Stormwater Management at Temple University’s College of Engineering is designed to enhance the students’ skills in addressing these problems.

The Stormwater Management certificate program offers a course of study that teaches students fundamental concepts supporting the design of stormwater best management practices as well as fundamental concepts that describe why and how improper stormwater management causes such diverse and severe stream ecosystem degradations.

The four-course sequence will provide students with the basic understanding of the effects of urban stormwater runoff on stream channel morphology and ecology and the best management practices available to control both the quantity and quality of runoff.

The Graduate Certificate Program is designed for working professionals who desire to strengthen their knowledge in stormwater management. Students may transfer up to 9 semester hours of course work into the Master of Science in Environmental Engineering program or Ph.D. in Engineering program.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete four courses selected from the list below.


  • CEE5641 Urban Streams and Stormwater Management
  • CEE5631 Environmental Hydrology

Choose two of the following:

  • CEE5048 Probability and Statistics
  • CEE5623 Contaminant Dynamics in Urban Streams
  • CEE5701 Physical Principles of Environmental Systems
  • CEE5702 Chemical Principles of Environmental Systems
  • CEE5762 Environmental Organic Chemistry
  • CEE5793 Environmental Biotechnology

The GRE exam is not required for admission into the Stormwater Management certificate program. While the program is designed for applicants with an undergraduate engineering degree, those with a strong background in hydrology or environmental science may also be considered.  Applicants with professional experience in civil or environmental engineering, stormwater management or land development are especially encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact the College of Engineering’s Office of Admissions and Graduate Student Services


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