Mission & Vision

College of Engineering Mission

The mission of the College of Engineering (CoE) is to provide students with a high quality, innovative, and globally competitive learning experience in engineering, engineering technology, and the applied sciences. Engineering graduates are to be educated professionals with the technical, problem-solving, and communication skills required to succeed in the workplace and society.

The College is mindful of its obligation as an environment for the creation of knowledge, and encourages basic and cross-disciplinary applied research by its faculty and students. Great importance is attached to scholarship, practice, and service aimed at improving the quality of life and the economic viability of our society.This value system is reflected in current assessments of faculty for promotion and tenure, and in grading practices for student work.

We strive to pursue these objectives in a learning environment that celebrates ethnic and gender diversity, respects experience, and encourages problem solving through teamwork.

College of Engineering Vision

Temple University’s vision is to provide the most empowering educational experience possible for its diverse student body, and within this context, the College of Engineering’s vision is to be the region’s magnet school for engineering education. To enable this vision, the College has implemented a Strategic Plan for the evolution of key curricular and research areas, a plan designed to coincide with critical emerging technologies in the region including bioengineering and nanotechnology, computer engineering and information technology, advanced materials, and environmental engineering.

Aided by an active Industrial Advisory Committee, the College will establish fundamental procedures for quick and effective change of curricular and research focus to be in sync with advancements in technology and national and international trends. To attain our Vision for the College of Engineering to be the region’s magnet school, we intend to:

  • Enhance our regional reputation by consistently maintaining an expectation of excellence in all activities including recruitment, teaching, research and service
  • Increase our regional visibility through pro-active and innovative research in the abovecited strategic technologies of the region
  • Promote community synergy by providing a superior engineering education for students of diverse backgrounds; by educational and research cooperation with other colleges within Temple University; and by cooperating where possible with regional organizations, governments, and companies, on technical projects of benefit to our region. We will maintain our ties to the community because we emphasize, accommodate, and encourage lifelong learning.