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FAQ's about the College of Engineering

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How can I contact my professors?

All of our faculty and staff are listed on our Faculty and Staff Listing Page.

Who do I speak to if I am struggling with a class?

If you are struggling with a class, you should speak to the Professor and your Advisor.  If it is a class within the College of Engineering, you can receive tutoring for FREE by speaking to Tamika Butler in the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

What qualifies a student for the Dean's List?

Dean’s List eligibility is determined by the semester grade point average (GPA) corresponding to cut-off points that will yield the top 16% of GPAs based on the five previous fall and spring semesters for each school or college. Students must have 12 graded credits (A to F grades) in order to be eligible for dean’s list for the fall or the spring semesters.

Can I repeat a course?

A course can be repeated to earn a higher grade in that course.  A student wishing to repeat a course must consult with their advisor.  When calculating the GPA, the lowest grade for the course is ignored while all other grades are accounted for in the GPA.  Credit for a repeated course will only be granted once.

What does it mean to withdraw from a course?

Withdrawing from a course is similar to dropping a course because the student is no longer enrolled in the course.  Withdrawing may be done during weeks three through nine for fall and spring semesters, but only during weeks three and four for courses taking during the summer sessions.  A student may only withdraw five times during the undergraduate career at Temple University.  If a student chooses to repeat a course that they have previously withdrawn from, they cannot withdraw from the course again.

What is the Drop/Add Policy?

A course may be dropped within the first two weeks of the semester with no record of the course appearing on the transcript.  A course may be added during the same time period.

How and when do I apply for Financial Aid?

You apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA  BEFORE March 1.  An application and more information can be found on the Student Financial Services page.

When can I schedule classes?

Classes are scheduled during the Freshman/Transfer Orientation.  Classes are usually Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday classes are 50 minutes and 80 minutes long, respectively.  A list of all the classes and the times they are offered is available on the Course Schedule page.

What is a Credit?

A Credit is a designation for the length of the class.  Lectures are typically 3 to 4 credits, labs are typically 1 credit and recitations are 0 credits but mandatory.  Engineering students usually take 15-17 credits a semester and need about 124-128 credits to graduate.

What programs does Temple offer?

For Undergraduate students, Temple has three engineering departments:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department

Temple also offers an Engineering Technology program as well as a Civil & Construction Engineering Technology program.  For more information visit the Academic programs description page.

How do I apply to The College of Engineering?

You can apply online at the Undergraduate Admissions Website

Are there any positions available in the College of Engineering?

Please see the careers page for more details on jobs at Temple University.